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April 22nd


Farscape Lives!!!


News from Wonder Con! Rockne O'Bannon was asked (yet again) about the new Farscape movie. Is it true??? Is it safe for Scapers to get our hopes up?? Rockne confirmed the news calling it "the world's worst kept secret". Rockne says that a script is in fact being written and a movie is most definitely in the works!

(Portal Facebook)

Farscape fans say a huge HELL YEAH!!!


The prolific Monjo is writing the screenplay for Farscape, a movie spin-off of the sci-fi series that ran on the Nine Network and the Sci-Fi Channel in the US, for Jim Henson Productions, to be directed by Brian Henson.

Monjo was one of the writers on Farscape, which ran from 1998-2002, followed by the 2004 miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, co-produced by Jim Henson Productions and RHI Entertainment.

In the finale, the protagonists, American astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) and peacekeeper Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) got married and had a baby. In the movie, it’s revealed the boy had special powers which made him the target of the villainous aliens so his parents hide him on Earth.

The plot follows the kid at the age of 19 when his whereabouts have been discovered and he rejoins his parents on their spaceship. Monjo says the film would be shot in Australia.




March 20th


Ben Browder (as Ted Gaynor) made another guest starring appearance on Arrow.  This time we got to see the earlier military relationship between Ted Gaynor and the Arrow's trusted body guard, John Diggle.  27 pictures are now in the Portal's Facebook page!





March 10th



Release date June 16th but you can pre-order now on Amazon UK!

Robert Miller (Ben Browder) is the father of James, a boy who loves his golden retriever Rex. But when a strange capsule lands in the backyard and a robot dog emerges, their lives will never be the same. RoboRex is from the future to stop an evil man named Professor Apocalypse from taking over the world.


The trailer to this new kids' movie is here.  And I'm keeping an eye out for clips with more Ben!






January 29th

Ben Browder has filmed a new movie called DEAD STILL.  It's due to be released in October 2014! The film was written by and will be directed by Philip Adrian Booth.



In the tradition of Insidious, The Possession and The Others. From the creators of Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures) and DarkPlace comes a shocking new horror film Dead Still. Upon the death of his grandfather, Brandon Davis, a wedding photographer inherits an antique camera famous for taking victorian death photography. After photographing his subjects they start to die from horrible, bizarre deaths, then reappearing as eerie death portraits. One by one Brandon begins to lose people very close to him as he struggles to uncover the haunting mystery behind the cursed camera. When his eleven year old son goes missing, Brandon discovers the camera has supernatural powers and has trapped his son inside of it. He must now risk all and journey beyond the realm of all imagination, to fight the hideous entities within, save his son and reverse the deadly curse that plagues them before they all become....Dead Still.

Dead Still on Facebook













Convention Appearances



October 28, 2013


"... Browder displayed such charisma and talent in the role of wayward astronaut John Chrichton, he deserves much more than occasionally popping up on TV and causing fans to mutter "Why hasn't he got his own show again?"

Giant Freakin Robot






October 27, 2013


"From computer geek to scifi star attraction" A few notes from Ben's recent appearance at Armageddon.

New Zealand Herald.




October 25, 2013





Ginormous thanks to Marita Seefeld for sharing her wonderful pictures from last weekend's Armageddon Con in Melbourne Australia. Check out the Portal's Facebook page








September 8, 2013

Thanks to Carlo Barone, Amy Bishop, and Sue Sheiden we have added pictures of Ben from his appearance at the Stargate convention in Chicago Illinois!!  Check out the Portal's Facebook page.














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